Irene Looi, MS, BCBA, LABA, Presents Research at WNE Colloquium

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Irene Looi, MS, BCBA, LABA, a program specialist at NECC, has been able to nurture her dedication to ABA through the Western New England graduate program offered at NECC. Recently, she presented her research at the WNE Colloquium, exchanging ideas and research insights with like-minded colleagues passionate about this field.

Alya Al-Suwaidi Wins Inaugural Gould Award for Global Excellence in Special Education Teaching

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The Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Special Education operated by NECC (MRC-NECC) celebrated the graduation of the first-ever Simmons UAE cohort. Alya Al-Suwaidi was presented with the Gould Award for Global Excellence in Special Education Teaching, a testament to her dedication and impact in the field of special education.


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MaKenzie Briere, MS, MSEd, BCBA, LABA, has worked for The New England Center for Children’s (NECC) Intensive Treatment Team (ITT) since 2015, serving in a number of roles, including her current position as program specialist for ITT Apartment 4.

STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Alexander Aspuru

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Alexander Aspuru has worked as a level 2 teacher at NECC since August 2021. He was nominated for Staff Spotlight because “He always has a positive demeanor on shift, interacts wonderfully with students, and is a great role model when it comes to following NECC and team guidelines.”


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Sarah LaPierre currently serves as a teacher at NECC’s Michael F. Downey Center for Child Development, but she initially joined NECC as a teacher in the residential programs in 2017. She was nominated by her colleagues because her love for children shines through in everything she does.


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Though Jayne Colantonio, MSEd, BCBA, found her way to The New England Center for Children (NECC) somewhat by accident, she has stayed for nearly a decade. Colantonio, a senior education coordinator in NECC’s Intensive Instruction Program (IIP), was nominated because “she has been an amazing boss and a great mentor.”

Improving Autism Education Through Research

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NECC is dedicated to promoting research that helps further the field of autism education.  Teachers and researchers work alongside one another on research projects, often as part of NECC’s graduate school program partnerships.

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