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There is perhaps no greater feeling of accomplishment that any individual can experience than the knowledge that they've made a truly positive difference in the life of another person. At NECC, the opportunity to improve the lives of children with autism is something that is encountered each and every day.

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Working at NECC is challenging. Success is attained when one is achievement-oriented, highly motivated, and completely focused on creating a lifelong career in special education and behavioral psychology (ABA). Not everyone is ready to commit to the discipline and professional focus that is required, but if you are up to the challenge, a future of unparalleled potential awaits you. Not to mention, we have the greatest kids!

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Graduate Studies

The efforts of The New England Center for Children are driven by its mission “To create a work environment in which all staff members are valued and respected and able to achieve their professional potential.” To that end NECC has developed a professional development model that fosters the optimum growth of each employee.


Graduate Programs

Simmons University
Western New England University

Working With Children With Autism

NECC comprises dedicated individuals who serve in a number of different capacities. We offer competitive salaries, outstanding benefits, and a career development program second to none. Since our founding we have graduated more than 1,300 master's level teachers in applied behavior analysis and special education.

NECC recruits representatives from
countries outside the U.S.
NECC staff have published
research articles in peer-reviewed academic journals
NECC employs
staff across all programs, including 183 BCBAS
  • “Teaching at The New England Center for Children has immersed me in a great working atmosphere; working together with several teachers to come up with a specific plan in order to reach our students' goals. Our goal is to open doors for our students and their families, and we do that by working together as a team."
    Jermaine, Level 2 Teacher
NECC does not discriminate against employees or applicants in any way. Read our notice of non discrimination policy here