We believe every child with autism deserves the best services available so they can live full, productive, and rewarding lives in their community. At The New England Center for Children (NECC), we provide comprehensive services for children with autism: through day and residential programs, partner classrooms in public school systems, consulting services, and autism curriculum software for teachers.

We also know that to serve as many children with autism as possible, we must reach beyond our own walls. That’s why training is such a critical part of our model. NECC provides staff with initial training, ongoing professional development, and graduate program opportunities. In fact, NECC has trained thousands of professionals who are now providing state-of-the-art care and services worldwide, whether through consulting, teaching, or their own programs.

The John and Diane Kim Autism Institute is home to our research center, where we study how children with autism best learn. This data is published in top peer-reviewed journals and is also directed into the ACE® ABA Software System, our autism curriculum used by educators around the world.


Our Mission is to create a global network of educators, researchers, and programs so that those living with autism may live fuller lives.

Our Vision is a world where autism is not a barrier to happiness, growth, and independence.