Holiday BagsAt 14, students at NECC are eligible to obtain a work permit and begin receiving vocational services. As part of the vocational program, students attend the Career Development Center and work on activities across a variety of areas including clerical, food service, retail, custodial, customer service and assembly. 

Gift bag assembly provides students the opportunity to practice work skills such as following directions, completing tasks to criterion, completing seated work, accepting feedback, incorporating feedback into their work performance, and increasing duration of work. Students are paid minimum wage for gift bag assembly! 

Gift bags are for sale year-round. Prices range from $1.50-$3.00 and come in sizes Small, Medium, Medium-Long and Large. Bundles are sold for $15 and include eight bags: three small, two medium, one medium-long, and two large. One free small bag is included in each bundle!  

Gift bags, including holiday-themed bags, can be purchased by e-mailing Julie LeBlanc ([email protected]) or by filling out this order form and returning to Julie. Current fabrics include Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, winter-themed, fall, Halloween, Valentine’s, Boston sports, Harry Potter, Star Wars, birthday, and generic (e.g., floral, puzzle-pieces, school-themed, neutral patterns). 

Order Custom Made Gift Bags

Gift bags can be made for special occasions, including weddings! 

Wedding bags