DEI Mission Statement

The New England Center for Children is committed to cultivating an inclusive culture where all students, employees, families, and partners feel welcome, safe, and valued. We believe that fostering diversity and equity makes us a stronger, more successful community.

Why Statement

Developing a work environment where the students are top and center with a diverse engaged workforce that is bringing their best selves forward to make the experience of our students the best in the world- because if we have staff that is fully engaged with all the right perspective results are better outcomes for our students, staff and the agency.

Value Statement

DEI is a journey; It requires continually engaging in behaviors, actions, and approaches that create a more diverse, fair, and inclusive work environment. At NECC, we value DEI because

Diversity is our TALENT

Equity is our GOAL​

Inclusion is our Experience


Goal Statement 

The goal for the agency is to use a DEI framework/strategy that embeds DEI in everything we do by creating foundational awareness across the agency, creating an inclusive culture, and incorporating inclusive leadership practices-

First, create alignment across the agency by re-visiting the foundational terms of DEI, what they mean, and what behaviors and questions we need to ask as we meet our goal of having a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. It is crucial to have a shared understanding of what these terms mean.  Secondly, we purchased a DEI platform (Qualtrics) that will allow us to get baseline data to identify gaps for inclusivity.  Lastly, Inclusive leadership training to identify and understand core leadership competencies that align with an inclusive culture.

DEI Task Force

NECC established a DEI Task Force to further its DEI mission. Members of the Task Force represent every department and level within the organization. The more than 70 members attend monthly meetings. The DEI Task Force has nine committees that work collaboratively to roll out specific goals related to DEI.  For more information contact the DEI Task Force: [email protected]

Employee Resource Groups

NECC has developed five Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to assist employees in the following areas:

  • Black & Brown
  • International Staff
  • LGBTQ+
  • Wellness
  • Working Parents & Caregivers

For more information on how to join these groups, contact Fatou Njie-Jallow.

For questions or to obtain more information on DEI at NECC, contact:

Fatou Njie-Jallow
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
[email protected]