February 3, 2022

Mariia Beha, a level 2 teacher, has worked at The New England Center for Children’s Westborough 2 residence for the past two years. A colleague nominated Mariia because she is an “outstanding teacher who is kind and welcoming to everyone at West 2. She is always involved in clinical and educational projects on the team, has a great rapport with all of her teammates, students, and supervisors, and steps up in many situations that the team is in need with a smile on her face. Mariia is one of those who truly emanates the ‘Team NECC’ spirit, and we are so thankful for her.”

What is your favorite part of your job? 
Being able to teach my students new skills and help them become independent is the greatest feeling! I also love connecting with my students and creating more opportunities for them. 

Why did you choose a career in helping children with autism?  
A couple of years ago I was fortunate to meet someone very special and unique, a little boy diagnosed with autism. After spending only a few hours together I knew that I want to be part of this for the rest of my life.   

Do you keep in touch with that little boy?  
Yes, I do keep in touch with that family. [He] is a son of my close friend and I met him very early when he was first diagnosed with ASD. 

Why NECC? 
NECC has great opportunities and opens many doors not only for students here, but also for employees. 

What is something about you that your colleagues might be surprised to learn? 
I have watched sitcom Friends way too many times, I think by now I know every line in every episode!  

Who is someone you look up to?  
Honestly, from day to day, I look up to my students. Their creativity and persistence inspire me. 

What is your life philosophy or a motto you like to live by? 
“This too shall pass”