While the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic affect all students, for those with autism, the break from routine and normalcy can be especially disruptive. Autism educators, from NECC staff to BCBAs at private and public schools around the world, are now faced with new challenges. During this time of social distancing and school closures, they must find a way to continue to provide the best possible education for their students. The ACE® ABA Software System, developed by The New England Center for Children, has played a vital role in allowing these educators to continue to work effectively with their students.

The ACE® ABA Software System is a software package for educators and BCBAs who teach learners with autism and related disabilities. With more than 7,500 students benefitting from it, the system’s features allow clients to create the best ABA program that fits their needs. These features not only include app-based data entry, teaching, and reporting, but also a customizable ACE Lesson Library that can help educators teach basic and advanced skills to students. Through new additions to this curriculum bank, the system now offers even more comprehensive educational materials for clients.

The newest additions to the ACE® are a number of health and safety lessons. These lessons and video-based content are multipurposed in that they are geared towards both teaching hygiene skills, such as washing one’s hands, as well as tolerating wearing PPE. Given the crucial role that masks and gloves play in keeping individuals safe, teaching students with autism about their importance, and tolerating the initial discomfort that can go along with applying both, is vital.

“The new lessons and videos that we have added we feel are very important for the BCBAs who use our system,” says Frank Ciccone, MA, MS, BCBA, LABA, Director of ACE® Distribution and Services. “Our goal has always been to provide resources that allow BCBAs to design and implement the best possible programs for their students. At a time like this, health and safety content are necessary components of those programs.”

This innovation is just the latest example of the ACE® ABA Software System being on the forefront of autism education. By adapting to the current conditions and providing timely lessons, the system continues to be a true asset to BCBAs around the world.

Learn more about the ACE® ABA Software System at www.acenecc.org.

About The New England Center for Children

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