May 5, 2023

Throughout the months of February and March, NECC students participated in Special Olympics Basketball. During their gym sessions, students took part in basketball skills and games, while APE/OT/PT staff served as coaches and provided instruction for these skill-building activities.

Special Olympics, which allowed NECC to join virtually, once again waived the age requirement for athletes this season, enabling all NECC students the opportunity to play. Participants received awards after their successful completion of the season.

Also, this season, NECC expanded its Special Olympics basketball program by introducing a pilot basketball team in which select athletes scrimmaged against the local Hopkinton Special Olympics basketball program. The NECC Knights had a great time in their game against Hopkinton on February 15 and did a fantastic job.

A special thanks to “Coach Sean” Cooke for organizing and making sure the event ran smoothly, as well as the rest of the APE/OT/PT team for making the season a successful one.

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2023 issue of NECC’s Insight newsletter.