June 22, 2018

The New England Center for Children (NECC) is thrilled to announce a generous grant from the Constance O. Putnam Foundation in support of our Adapted Physical Education department and our Special Olympics teams.

Through this generous gift, our Special Olympians will have new uniforms, equipment and training opportunities that will prepare them for success at the annual events. All our students with autism will benefit from a new traverse climbing wall in the outdoor recreation area, also made possible by the gift from the Constance O. Putnam Foundation.

Each of our students has physical education objectives in their education plan, and more than 200 student athletes from NECC participate each year in Special Olympics competitions in soccer, basketball and track and field. The Constance O. Putnam Foundation has been a great supporter of our school over the past decade and we remain grateful to them for sharing our commitment to improving the lives of children with autism.