45 Stories of Inspiration: Myrna Libby

Myrna Libby was a Director at NECC for 20 years from 1988-2008. While she passed away in 2008, her impact on NECC endures. As Clinical Director at NECC, she was a tireless advocate for using scientifically validated approaches with a strong emphasis on skill acquisition to improve the lives of children with autism. For Myrna, the true test of any treatment or educational program was whether it made a meaningful difference in the behavior of students. Her clinical work directly benefitted the lives of many; through her teaching and research, she will continue to positively influence countless others for generations to come.

In 2009 the Myrna Libby Award was established. The award annually honors a NECC staff member enrolled in a graduate program whose work exemplifies Myrna’s vision that research guides the education and treatment of individuals with autism and so improves their lives. NECC Founder and CEO, Vinnie Strully states, “Myrna was one of the principal program architects who helped design and create NECC’s curriculum.  Her priorities were clear that she always focused on what is best for children with autism and their teachers.”