Why Statement


Developing a work environment where the students are top and center, with a diverse and engaged workforce that brings their best selves forward if we have staff that are fully engaged, the results are better outcomes for our students, staff, and the organization.

Strategy Statement


The goal for the organization is to use a DEI framework/strategy that embeds DEI in everything we do by creating foundational awareness across the organization, creating an inclusive culture, and incorporating inclusive leadership practices.

First, create alignment across the organization by revisiting the foundational terms of DEI, what they mean, and what behaviors and questions we need to ask as we meet our goal of having a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. It is crucial to have a shared understanding of what these terms mean. Secondly, we purchased a DEI platform (Qualtrics) that will allow us to get baseline data to identify gaps for inclusivity. Lastly, Inclusive leadership training to identify and understand core leadership competencies that align with an inclusive culture.

Value Statement


DEI is a journey; It requires continually engaging in behaviors, actions, and approaches that create a more diverse, fair, and inclusive work environment.