Foundational skills like waiting, imitation, and responding to greetings are important to expanding opportunities for independence and inclusion for individuals with autism.  These skills, however, are useful only to the extent that they occur in desired contexts, and strategies for promoting generalization require a great deal of planning.  Over the past few years we have conducted several studies evaluating a strategy to facilitate generalization using ACE® ABA Software System. The instructional matrix strategy introduces planned variation in instructions and instructional settings, selected in consideration of the times and places in which the skill will be most needed.  Our goal has been both to promote generalization of important skills and to reduce the burden on teachers so that they may focus on teaching.  In our initial comparisons we have seen that this new approach has resulted in a 40% increase in the number of situations where we see the desired skill following training.  Currently we’re continuing to expand our approach across a variety of skills, and we are conducting a field test with select ACE software lesson plans.