April 18, 2023

Lauren Carr, MSEd, BCBA, LABA, a program director for the New Castle Road, Ursla Drive, Salem End Road, and Westborough 1 residences, has worked for The New England Center for Children (NECC) for 20 years. She was nominated by a colleague because she is a “dedicated NECC employee to all her staff she oversees as well as students on her teams. Lauren is always approachable, willing to help, an empathetic listener, and an active problem solver. She gives back to NECC and supports both the Western New England University and Simmons University graduate programs by supervising graduate students and future educators and researchers.”

How long have you worked for NECC?

I have worked at NECC for 20 years. I started in January 2003 as a level 1 floater for the Newcastle, Ursla, and Temple Street triad. Throughout my time at NECC, I have held several different positions including a level 2 teacher, residential coordinator, day coordinator, educational coordinator, program specialist, assistant program director, and now program director.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part is the relationships that I have made with the students over the years. The students make even the longest days worth it!

Why did you choose a career in helping children with autism?

I always knew I would have a career helping kids, and NECC gave me the opportunity to do that.  


I was interested in furthering my education, and NECC gave me the path to do that. When I interviewed at NECC I saw that it was a place that was invested in its staff and students, and that made me want to work here. 

Have you taken advantage of any of the grad programs or teacher training at NECC? If so, how has it impacted your teaching/career?

I received my master’s degree through the Simmons program and then completed the Western New England University ABA program to receive my BCBA. Both opportunities have provided me with new learning experiences and have led to new opportunities within NECC.

Who is someone you look up to?

I look up to my mom. She has a very strong work ethic that I try and emulate in my life.

What is your life philosophy or motto you like to live by?

Work hard, play hard.