Meet Kelsey Richardson, Level 2 Teacher

krichardsonMy first interaction with The New England Center for Children (NECC) was through my brother, a Southborough police officer, who worked at various NECC community events and praised NECC’s work. I applied and toured one of the residences where I witnessed how happy and enthusiastic the staff and students were. I said to myself, “I can definitely see myself working here!”  I accepted a position as a Behavioral Health Technician while completing my last semester of college at the University of Rhode Island, studying Communicative Disorders.

I have never worked anywhere where I had such a strong support system and team. Everyone who knows me knows how happy I am working at NECC, and that’s a great feeling. The students are wonderful and all the staff are extremely talented. Upon seeing the work a Level 2 Teacher was doing with students, I made it my goal to become a Level 2 Teacher once I earned my degree. I have achieved that goal and have a new short-term goal: to become a Case Manager and Core Shift Manager.

The best thing about my job is interacting with all my students, attending the events that NECC plans for students, and being silly with them! I was fortunate enough to attend NECC’s prom this year. Seeing the happiness on the students faces while dancing, having photos taken in the photo booth, and socializing felt like a real accomplishment.

The hardest part is seeing my students upset and not able to communicate what they need or want. It is my job to help them be successful, yes, but also to be happy. The first time one of my students used his AAC [augmentative and alternative communication] device to tell me what he needed made me extremely proud!  I am currently in the process of applying to URI’s master’s program in Speech and Language Pathology. My long-term goal is to be a Speech Therapist at NECC.

I want to have a positive influence on my students’ lives, and to be a resource for them.  If I can maximize my students’ quality of life, I will consider that a huge achievement.

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