July 20, 2022

The New England Center for Children (NECC) has received a $26,500 grant from the Income Research + Management (IR+M) Charitable Fund as part of the company’s annual giving week.

According to Brooke Anderson, CFA, principal and director of investment product management at IR+M, community outreach has been an integral part of the organization’s mission since its inception. The IR+M Charitable Fund was established at the Boston Foundation in 2013 and makes grants to organizations that work to improve the livelihood and wellbeing of their communities. 

IR+M’s charitable and community outreach is highlighted by its annual Gives BACK (Bonding About Charity and Kindness) Week, which occurs every June. According to Anderson, this week is considered one of the best of the year among IR+M employees as it celebrates the communities and organizations employees hold dear. In addition to participating in a myriad of volunteer and fundraising events during the space of five days, IR+M hosts an employee granting contest, which features colleagues’ heartfelt videos requesting support for specific DEI-focused charities. Staff then vote for their favorite charities, which ultimately receive grants from the IR+M Charitable Fund.

Anderson, a long-time resident of Southborough, nominated NECC because she “has seen firsthand what wonderful work NECC does for children with autism and for their families. I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to bring awareness of NECC’s mission to my IR+M colleagues and to be able to recommend a grant to support your inspiring efforts.”

According to Anderson, all charities nominated during the Gives BACK week receive some form of financial assistance from the Charitable Fund. The $26,500 grant will go toward NECC’s Annual Fund, which supports supplemental programming for students not covered by tuition.