Congratulations to NECC’s June Employees of the Month, featured below with Cathy Welch (left), NECC’s Chief Operating Officer.  NECC is grateful for your dedication and commitment.

Victoria (Tori) Bayless, TeacherJune EoM
Tori began as a Level 2 Teacher in September 2016. Since then, she has distinguished herself as a talented teacher and dedicated staff member.  She became a Case Manager for a new student in January and was a tremendous advocate for his family while they made the difficult adjustment to having their child in the residential program. Tori also assumed the Case Manager role for a second student recently and is juggling both cases seamlessly. She is flexible and frequently volunteers to pick up overtime to help her team.

Carolyn Berlandy, Teacher
Carolyn earned her BS in Biology with a minor in Spanish from Catholic University of America. She began working at NECC in December 2014 as a Teacher. She quickly moved into a Level 2 Teacher position and is now a Case Manager. Thanks to her hard work, her case student has increased by 33 percent on the Core Skills Assessment, has been successfully toilet trained, and has had reductions to near zero rates of all challenging behavior.  In a recent clinic, the family indicated “in 100 years, I could not have imagined my child doing these things.”

Siobhan Carroll, Administrative Coordinator
Siobhan started at NECC as an intern in 2010 after receiving her BA in human service & rehabilitation from Assumption College. For five years, she served as a Counselor and Level 2 Teacher while obtaining her master’s degree in education. For the last two years, Siobhan has been serving as the Task Administrative Coordinator. She is a master of scheduling and her organizational skills are impeccable. Daily, Siobhan fields numerous requests from staff and supervisors alike and does this seamlessly while remaining professional in her interactions.

Jennifer Gallant, Registered Nurse
While not new to NECC, Jenn joined the Health Services Department nine months ago. Jenn first came to NECC in 2010 as a Level 1 Floater. She quickly became a Core Shift Manager and later a Level 2 Teacher. Once she completed her nursing degree she continued to serve at-risk children on the psych unit at Franciscan’s Hospital. Upon return to NECC in September 2016, Jenn quickly demonstrated a command for handling emergency situations with competence and grace. She also plays a vital role in explaining unique medical challenges to our community providers.

Alexcia Pierre, Teacher
Alexcia started at NECC in August of 2014 as a Level 1 Teacher and is currently a Level 2 Teacher and Case Manager. She graduated from New England College with a BA in psychology and is currently enrolled in the master’s program through Simmons College. Alexcia is a strong teacher and case manager and always brings a positive attitude to the team. She completes tasks on time while balancing multiple responsibilities, and is heavily involved in her case student’s clinical and educational programming. She’s also created materials to help make home visits a success. Her dedication and passion is apparent every day.

Leah Pollock, Teacher
Leah started at NECC in August of 2015 after receiving her BA in psychology from Pennsylvania State University. She is currently enrolled in the master’s program through Simmons College. Leah provides extraordinary case management, including monitoring progress. In September, when Leah’s case student was unexpectedly hospitalized, she picked up additional hours so that she could stay at the hospital; she maintained regular communication with the family, nursing, and the team throughout the stay.