November 10, 2022

New England Dental Group (NEDG) has been a valued community partner of The New England Center for Children (NECC) since 2017. NEDG’s Southborough location is right down the road from NECC, and they began attending NECC’s health fairs and sponsoring NECC’s 5K Walk/Run for Autism. This year, NEDG is the presenting sponsor of the 2022 Children of Promise Gala, the biggest fundraiser of the year for NECC.

NEDG offers the full breadth of dental services and utilizes state-of-the-art technology for enhanced care in its nine locations throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The group’s commitment to ensuring members of its community—including individuals with autism—receive high-quality dental care has been a driving force behind its involvement with NECC.  

Why did New England Dental Group choose to be a presenting sponsor of the Children of Promise Gala?

The New England Dental Group chose to be a presenting sponsor of the Children of Promise Gala because we’ve established a great relationship with NECC over the years. We are actively involved with our community and want to spread awareness of the importance of oral health. Going to the dentist is an extremely difficult task for children with autism and we want to be able to provide resources to ensure oral hygiene is accessible to everyone.

Why does this particular non-profit resonate with you?

NECC resonates with us as we’re a part of the same community and giving back is huge to us! It’s very important that every child and adult receives proper oral hygiene. Oral hygiene can often be neglected in children with autism, and we want to ensure we prevent any further issues.  

What do you hope to accomplish as a supporter of NECC?

As a supporter of NECC, we hope to accomplish more awareness and education throughout the community on the importance of oral hygiene. When a child with autism goes to the dentist, it can be a very challenging process as children with autism have difficulty in sensory processes. We want to make it easier for these children to go to the dentist.

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