Improving Autism Education Through Research

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NECC is dedicated to promoting research that helps further the field of autism education.  Teachers and researchers work alongside one another on research projects, often as part of NECC’s graduate school program partnerships.

Expanding Autism Services in Public Schools

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Over the last two years, the pandemic has exacerbated a human services crisis and staffing shortage that has led to individuals with special needs being left without the necessary support. During the 2020-2021 academic year, NECC expanded its Consulting and Public School Services division to help.

Driving Student Ambition Through Vocational Training

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NECC’s Vocational Program allows students aged 14 and older to work up to four hours a week either in the community or within the school through NECC’s Career Development Center. Students like Anders learn important skills through jobs like his at J. White Automotive in Bellingham.

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