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It Starts with A Vision: Development and Implementation of Vocational Planning and Skill Acquisition for Individuals with ASD by Julie Weiss, MS, BCBA, LABA

May 25th at 1pm EDT Planning for the transition from school to adulthood, including workplace and community inclusion, continues to be an important topic for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, caregivers and employers. Individuals with severe deficits and needs may have difficulty obtaining or maintaining employment due to a limited repertoire of vocational skills and interfering behavior. For individuals still in school, developing a vision for the learner’s future is an important mechanism for guiding the Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team toward choosing meaningful goal areas toward that vision. This webinar will review development of a vision, assessment of a learner’s strengths and preferences for work, and the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration. Evidence-based instruction, including discrete trial teaching, task analysis, and incidental learning, are essential for acquisition. In addition, job site simulations can increase a learner’s preparedness for the workplace. In this workshop, we will describe the components of career education and school-based vocational training in an ABA program for children with an ASD. Examples of vocational training including curriculum development, successful job matches, means for developing opportunities for children to sample potential work options, and long-term development of career goals, will be reviewed. Case examples of children with an ASD engaged in vocational activities will be presented. 2 CEs offered
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Introduction to ABA and ASD

Reinforcement Procedures and Preference Assessments

Data Collection Strategies

Communicating Effectively with Families and Colleagues

Preventing & De-Escalating Challenging Behavior

Classroom and School Support Strategies for Students with ASD

Supporting and Working Collaboratively with Families During Remote Learning

Designing Data Collection Systems During Remote Learning

Bridging the Gap: The Student, Their Progress, and Everything In-Between

Strategies to Address Executive Functioning Challenges

Curriculum Modification and Instructional Differentiation

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