August 6, 2021
The New England Center for Children® (NECC®)  is saddened to announce the passing of Dr. Daniel Gould. Dr. Gould was a pillar of NECC, working tirelessly over the past 35 years, serving our students and improving our organization.
During his tenure at NECC, Dr. Gould worked in several roles, including Clinical Specialist, Director of Residential Services, Director of Information Services, Program Director, Director of the Intensive Treatment Team, and, most recently, Executive Director of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Center For Special Education operated by NECC. In recognition of his service to NECC, the Intensive Treatment Team Facility was renamed the Dr. Daniel Gould Intensive Treatment Campus this past June.

Dr. Gould’s Career

Dr. Gould also played an instrumental role in the development and implementation of the Northeastern University master’s program in applied behavior analysis (ABA) and the Western New England University doctoral program in ABA. His commitment to providing quality graduate education also extended to supporting and mentoring the research efforts of many current and former NECC staff. His initial association with the Eunice Kennedy Shriver research group led him to have a keen interest in stimulus control research. This was evident in his published work that applied stimulus control techniques to treating severe self-injurious behavior and establishing conditioned reinforcers such as those used as motivational supports for our students.
With his deep dedication to our organization, expert knowledge of ABA, and leadership abilities, Dr. Gould was a guiding force in the growth and expansion of NECC. He will be sadly missed.
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