Meaghan Letson, who was recently promoted from IIP Education Coordinator to an IIP Day Coordinator, has been with NECC for 10 years. During her tenure, she has served as a teacher and coordinator in both the Residential and IIP programs as well as a lead teacher in NECC’s partner program in Groton-Dunstable. Meg was nominated for being “an admirable staff advocate by always making sure each staff on her team feels heard,” as well as advocating for the overall student, ensuring they are successful academically as well as in all other areas. “She celebrates the little successes as well as the big ones,” a colleague said. Meg was also praised for juggling IEPs, demonstrating excellent leadership, and is “genuine about her passion for the work she does across her day.”

What is your favorite part of your job?
My favorite part of my job is seeing students learn important skills for independence. Seeing students learn to communicate, take care of themselves, and develop skills that allow them to be part of the community are just some of the things that I love about working at NECC. Having the clinical and educational resources available here that make this progress possible makes NECC a truly unique environment. I also appreciate that I am consistently able to grow professionally to be a more effective educator for these students.

Why did you choose a career in helping children with autism?
I worked as a paraprofessional in an ABA-based classroom when I was in college. It was my first introduction to students with autism and the variety of needs that can be present in one classroom. That was when I first considered pursuing a career in special education. As a senior, I met a recruiter from NECC at a job fair and started working at NECC the summer after I graduated.

Why have you stayed with NECC for the entirety of your career?
I have stayed at NECC for so long because I have had opportunities to work with a variety of students, ranging in age from 3-22 and with a huge range of learning styles and needs. I have been able to run different clinical protocols, learn the IEP process, and become comfortable teaching students new skills that they need to be independent and successful across environments. I also appreciate being able to pass on what I have learned to newer staff and have colleagues who share my passion for working with the students we have at NECC.

What do you like doing outside of work/any hobbies?
In​ April 2021, my husband and I welcomed our first child, and she keeps us busy! When I am not spending time with her, I enjoy quilting and crocheting and spending time with friends and family.

Is there anything you’d like to share with your colleagues?
I feel so fortunate for the variety of experiences I have had at NECC. I don’t think there is anywhere else I could have learned so much about teaching children and young adults with autism and supporting other staff as they learn these skills too.