June 29, 2017

Research News –News and Notes About Scientific Research on ASD and Other Developmental and Behavioral Disorders – is edited by Bill Ahearn, PhD, BCBA-D, LABA and Eileen Roscoe, PhD,ahearnroscoe BCBA-D, LABA. It provides information about current research being conducted on autism generally and at NECC specifically, and includes articles on current scientific research on autism and other intellectual disabilities being conducted elsewhere, a specific topic area being studied at NECC, and a summary of current publications or presentations by NECC staff. We hope the distribution of this newsletter will help educate readers on major developments in the field of autism and on current research findings from a range of important topics being conducted at NECC.

The Spring 2017 issue, found here includes:

  1. Current Research on Treatment of Automatically Reinforced Problem Behavior at The New England Center for Children
  2. Do Persons with ASD Avoid Eye Contact? by Bill Ahearn, PhD, BCBA-D, LABA
  3. Overview of several research posters presented at the 43rd Annual Applied Behavior Analysis International Conference in Denver, CO