February 23, 2024

NECC students Bobby and Aliaz were recently recognized as Employees of the Month by Apex Entertainment for their hard work and dedication to the company.

“We have a monthly team vote to decide the Employee of the Month, and the whole building voted for Bobby and Aliaz unanimously,” shared George Aronstein, director of operations at Apex Entertainment Corporate. “It was the first time that’s ever happened. They are super hard-working, and we appreciate all the work they do each time they’re in the building. I’m honored to work with them.”

Bobby and Aliaz work at Apex three hours a week, performing tasks such as washing windows, wrapping silverware, and restocking prizes in the ticket redemption room.

“Bobby and Aliaz have such a positive attitude and work ethic,” shared Apex Entertainment General Manager Danny Gomes. “They are always smiling, and our staff loves when they are here.”

As part of NECC’s Vocational Program, students aged 14 and older work either in the community or within the school through NECC’s Career Development Center. In 2020, NECC students began working at Apex Entertainment in Marlborough after the school formed a partnership with the company. In addition to job placements for students, Apex has supported NECC through donations (both monetary and meals for staff and students) and sponsoring and volunteering at events like the NEEC 5K Walk/Run for Autism and the much-loved student Field Day. For the last four years, Apex has donated $100 to NECC for every field goal made by the New England Patriots during the NFL season through the Apex Cares program.

“The partnership with Apex and other community-based vocational opportunities are important for the students because it allows them to be a part of their local community working alongside their peers,” shared Megan King, an NECC vocational specialist. “It allows students to generalize all of the skills they have learned to a new setting and to increase their independence in new environments.  Additionally, they learn new skills and gain new experiences, and it gives them a sense of pride.”