NECC Recognizes Employees for Outstanding Work

The New England Center for Children® employs more than 1,200 staff across a number of fields including technology, research, education, administration, and behavior analysis. We employ more than 183 BCBAs, 245 master’s trained teachers and clinicians, and 19 PhDs. This tremendous talent is what makes NECC so successful. We recognize the important, critical work our staff perform each and every day to help children reach their potential.

Join us in congratulating our February Employees of the Month. Congratulations to all for this well-deserved recognition!


Meredith Cashman, Partner Classroom Tutorccashman

Meredith started her career at NECC as a teacher. After serving as a Core Shift Manager she moved to her current role as a tutor at a nearby high school. Meredith has done an amazing job as the case manager for two students and is a key player in helping them succeed at the high school level, both socially and academically. Meredith develops and runs group lessons, assumes shift manager responsibilities as needed, and teaches important life skills such as cooking, cleaning, and budgeting. Meredith is the definition of professional. She takes on all tasks with a great attitude and takes pride in her work.


Kathryn Couger, Home-Based Teacherkcouger

Kathryn received her bachelor’s in Biopsychology from University of Michigan before starting at NECC in January of 2014. She was a teacher before moving to home-based in October of 2014. Kathryn has been a role model and leader on the home-based team. In addition to assuming a peer mentor role, she leads by modeling professionalism and respect for the children and families. Kathryn is currently enrolled in Western New England University’s graduate degree program.



Mary Estes, Teachermestes

Mary graduated from Assumption College in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Human Services and joined NECC in 2016 as a teacher. She has spent her time on the team as a Case Manager. This year Mary has also taken on the responsibility of Shift Manager. She consistently ensures student and staff safety across many special events such as Special Olympics practices, recreational swimming, and the Halloween Ball. She has proven that she is capable of handling any challenge and is an invaluable asset to her team.


Natalie Fultz, Core Shift Managernfultz

Natalie joined NECC after obtaining her bachelor’s in Special Education from Eastern Kentucky University. She is in her first year of the Western New England University master’s degree program and serves as a Core Shift Manager. When Natalie is not working her own shift, she is often picking up overtime on other teams. She helps to write and run assessments, and plan fun activities for the students on the weekends. Natalie is creative with an upbeat approach that is infectious. She even designs custom photo booths for her students’ graduations.


James Majok, Overnight Professionaljmakok

James earned his associate’s degree from Quinsigamond Community College before joining NECC as an Overnight Professional in 2011. Since that time, James has become an integral team member. He always arrives to shift prepared and with a positive demeanor. His presence at his residential group is calming for both staff and students alike and he ensures that his overnight shifts run smoothly and safely. We are thankful for James’ hardworking approach and positivity in his role at NECC.


Stacey Pini, Teacherspini

Stacey began teaching at The Michael F. Downey Center for Child Development in August, 2015. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Syracuse University and later earned her license to teach Early Education. Stacey taught both Pre-K and kindergarten for 10 years prior to joining NECC. She shows up early every day to prep her classroom with activities and toys for her students. Parents enjoy Stacey’s kind and mild manner with their children. Fellow co-workers appreciate her flexibility in working with any age group.


Jeff Walker, Information Servicesjwalker

Jeff began working at NECC in April 2015 as a Desktop Support Associate. In this role, he plays a vital part in the support of both new and existing technology. Jeff has become an essential part of the Information Services support team. His attention to detail and exemplary customer service have been critical to the support of staff in all facets of NECC technology. Jeff has been instrumental to the deployment of new conference room and research technology in the John & Diane Kim Autism Institute. Many employees expressed how helpful Jeff was during this process and have complimented his ongoing willingness to support their many questions and concerns.