NECC is presenting research at the 2017 APBA Convention in New Orleans, LA, on March 23-24. The Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA) is a premier industry group for the advancement of applied behavior analysis (ABA). The following presentations will be given by NECC staff. Session times and locations are available in the APBA Convention program guide, logoapbaavailable at

  • Workshop: Automatic positive and negative reinforcement: Repetitive behavior and anxiety. Presented by W.H. Ahearn.
  • Paper: An evaluation of behavior sampling procedures for event recording. Presented by M. Clark.
  • Poster: Characterizing changes in play behavior for toddlers with autism following EIBI. Presented by D. Parry-Cruwys, A. Wright, and R. MacDonald.
  • Poster: An evaluation of a punisher assessment for decreasing automatically reinforced problem behavior. Presented by A. Verriden, E.R. Roscoe, D. Fredericks, and H. Wiggins.
  • Poster: Play engagement skills in 1-year-old children with autism before and after early intensive behavioral intervention. Presented by A. Wright, D. Parry-Cruwys, and R. MacDonald.

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