April 8, 2017

A recent graduate of Stonehill College, Hopkinton native, and resident and Level 2 Teacher for the “beautiful boys of Apartment 2” at NECC, Hannah hannahworks long and difficult hours as a teacher in our Staff Intensive Unit. She is also enrolled in one of NECC’s graduate programs. Balancing work, school, running, and fundraising has proven to be a difficult task, but thankfully she has mastered the art of studying on the treadmill! Hannah would do anything for her students:

“I would run to the ends of the Earth for my students if I could make the work a little easier and the joy just a little bit greater. I would do anything to give back to these students a fraction of what they have given to me over the past 9 months.”

Training for the Boston Marathon means running through some of the worst weather Massachusetts has to offer, but it is a necessary part of the process. Hannah says “each week when my alarm goes off at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning, it’s still dark outside, and the temperature has barely reached 20, I contemplate pulling the covers over my head and hitting snooze… but only for a split second, because then I think of my students. I think about how hard they work every day, how much effort they put into everything they do, how much joy they provide to everyone around them, and how much love they have to give, and I realize ‘this is nothing.’”

Though Hannah has not always considered herself a runner, having just caught the “running bug” in college, she is no stranger to the Boston Marathon.

“ The Boston Marathon is so much more than just a race; it is a part of my history, growing up in Hopkinton. This year, when I am standing in the corral on Main Street in Hopkinton, I am going to see where I have stood for the past 20 years, and I am going to be on the other side of the gate. That exact moment is what I am most excited about during this marathon season.”

Check out Hannah’s fundraising page to learn more about her Boston Marathon journey – www.crowdrise.com/neccBoston2017/fundraiser/hannahkrueger