August 6, 2020

Since its founding on August 11, 1975, The New England Center for Children (then the Efficacy Research Institute) has been a pioneer in autism treatment. While the increase in the number of students served through home-based, day, and residential programs, as well as partner classrooms in public school systems, consulting services, and the ACE® ABA Software System, is one metric for success, the expansion and improvements in facilities also serve as a powerful illustration in how far the Center has come in its 45 year history.

From humble beginnings on the grounds of the Taunton State Hospital, to the 2016 addition of the John and Diane Kim Autism Institute, the Center consistently adapts to their ever-growing needs. Through every physical change though, one thing remains constant: the Center’s commitment to transforming the lives of children with autism. Founder and CEO Vinnie Strully has played a pivotal role in this regard. His leadership through the different iterations of what is now NECC, has been crucial to its continued growth and development in both services for children with autism and necessary infrastructure updates. NECC’s physical improvements are, in part, what allow the Center to provide world-class care and education to its diverse student population, while also disseminating cutting-edge research and technology throughout the world.

Take a look back at the changes and expansion of NECC, as well as the current state-of-the-art facilities, by clicking on the gallery below.

ERI in 1975

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NECC began on August 11, 1975. At the time named the Efficacy Research Institute, the original building was located on the grounds of the Taunton State hospital.

About The New England Center for Children

NECC is an award-winning autism education and research center and an equal opportunity employer. Our diverse community of teachers, researchers, and clinicians have transformed the lives of thousands of children with autism worldwide through education, research, and technology. The Center provides comprehensive services to maximize independence: home-based, day, and residential programs, partner classrooms in public school systems, consulting services, the ACE® ABA Software System (, teacher professional development, and research on educational best practices.

NECC is committed to staff professional development, partnering with local colleges to provide on-site graduate training and degrees at little to no cost to the NECC teacher. The result is a growing pool of exceptional teachers trained in best-in-class methodologies, whether they continue their careers at NECC or move on to public schools or private agencies. The New England Center for Children is based in Southborough, MA, and operates a center in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Learn more at