October 6, 2022

Emily Marin is an education coordinator for The New England Center for Children’s (NECC) Francine Road residence. Marin was nominated by a colleague because she “is a strong education coordinator and stronger supervisor. She is a great role model for all employees and is very caring towards her students. She excels at making new staff and helpers feel comfortable on shift. She is truly an NECC superstar.”

How long have you worked for NECC?

I have worked at NECC for five years. I started as a level 2 teacher on West Hill Road and was a core shift manager for one year. I then went to Abu Dhabi and worked over there as a therapist for two years. I returned to NECC Boston in 2021 as the education coordinator on Francine Road.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of the job is working with the students. I love seeing students acquire skills that positively impact their interactions with their families and loved ones.

Why did you choose a career in helping children with autism?

My students are constantly bringing a smile to my face, and I could not imagine doing anything else.


I came to NECC with the goal of continuing my education and gaining additional experience with this population.

Have you taken advantage of any of the grad programs or teacher training at NECC?

Yes, I graduated from Simmons University in 2020 and just completed the ABA specialization program through Western New England University this summer!

What is something about you that your colleagues might be surprised to learn?

I hate the cold, but snowboarding is one of my favorite hobbies!

Who is someone you look up to?

I have always looked up to my grandma. She was selfless, kind, and honest and I admire her and how she lived her life.

What is your life philosophy or a motto you like to live by?

“A positive mindset brings positive things.”