Special Education School Services

NECC creates a positive environment for our students and staff to foster cooperative success. Our academic instruction, often 1:1 or 1:2, looks at each individual’s needs to customize a curriculum. Students at NECC received a wide-variety of educational and learning opportunities. Learn more about our services and special education school programs below.

Office of Enrollment and Family Support

Our dedicated Family Support department makes sure parents and families are in the know on student activities and events and provides support to our NECC Parents’ Organization.

Adapted Physical Education

Our on-site Michael S. Dukakis Aquatic Center means that students participate in regular, scheduled swim instruction, and our gymnasium includes the latest in adapted physical education equipment — specialized bikes, mats, balls — to build motor skills and improve fitness.

NECC at Special Olympics Track

Speech and Language

Speech and language skills are a critical part of development. Nearly half of our students are non-verbal or exhibit deficits in speech and language. Our speech and language pathologists develop individual programs to best suit each student’s learning needs, including using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) — methods to supplement speech or writing.

Health and Wellness

Our wellness center is a unique component of our facility. An on-site dental desensitization suite, exam rooms, and waiting room, along with a full-time nursing staff combine real-need, immediate health services for our students while also preparing students to successfully attend medical appointments outside the school.

NECC Wellness Center

Social/Leisure Skills

We focus just as much attention on social and leisure skill development as on academics and other focus areas. Our newly remodeled Dillon Arledge Student Center provides dedicated space for students to further explore music, art, library, and leisure time. Leisure skill development helps children learn what their interests are, how to occupy themselves during downtime in a productive and fun manner and improves confidence.

NECC Leisure Center

Art and Music

Our art and music instruction take place in dedicated rooms, filled with the latest technology and equipment for students to truly explore these creative outlets.   Our music teacher is one of the first in the world to have a master’s of education in music with an autism concentration. 

NECC Music Room

Vocational Training

NECC has been teaching vocational skills for more than 25 years to children with autism. Vocational training prepares students for life after school. Workplace skills development includes discovering interests and strengths, following directions, and mastering responsibility. Our students work in a variety of roles at many companies in the area, including Walgreens, Starbucks, and TJX.

NECC Vocational Training
“I always highlight the impact that NECC has on not only children with special needs, but also the way in which NECC helps and supports families.” – NECC Parent