Working at NECC

"During my employment at The New England Center for Children, I have had the opportunity to experience different aspects of the development opportunities the school provides our students, students' families and our staff. New to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, I was taught valuable skills needed to make a positive change. As a teacher and specialist, I was part of and witness to the progress our students made relative to skill independence and social behavior. I saw how their progress not only imporved the lives of our students, but also those of their families. Now, through my work with the Autism Curriculm Encyclopedia (ACE), it has been very exciting to see the number of students we have reached increase through the ACE application."

Diversity and International Recruitment Efforts

NECC employs more than 1100 professionals, and we believe that workplace diversity is a valuable asset. Our firm commitment to diversity stems from our belief in the benefits of incorporating different backgrounds, perspectives, cultures, and life situations within our organization. A community is made up of unique individuals, and as educators we are committed to cultivating an environment that values the contributions of all people.

Our staff includes professionals from a wide array of ethnic, social, economic, and religious backgrounds. They represent regions all over the world, including South America (Brazil), Asia (Japan, China), Europe (England, Czech Republic), Africa (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya), and more.

What all of these individuals share through NECC is the dedication and commitment to making a difference in the lives of people with autism and developmental disorders. Regardless of where their journeys began, these professionals are now part of the NECC team, working towards a common goal.

In order to truly hire “the best and the brightest”, NECC recruits highly sought-after individuals from countries all around the world. Our staff is comprised of professionals from five different continents and more than 20 countries outside the US, including Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Ghana, Iceland, Jamaica, and Japan.