Master of Science in Education

Simmons University and The New England Center for Children have collaborated to offer a Master of Science in Education Degree with licensure in Severe Disabilities (Levels: All) to NECC employees.  All courses are taught on-site at NECC in Southborough.

The combination of practical training, experience and the Simmons courses has enabled employees to have a wide variety of job offers in both public schools and private agencies upon completion of the program.

Employees can receive a $40,000 degree for only $275 per course.  The program can be completed in a three year time period on a part-time basis.  The program consists of eleven academic courses and a full-year teaching practicum experience.  NECC staff may register for one course without being formally enrolled in the program.


To formally enroll in the program, all employees must apply directly to Simmons University. An online application is available on the Simmons University College of Arts and Sciences website.  Prior to the students’ practicum year, master’s degree candidates are required to pass the Communication and Literacy test and the General Curriculum test of the Massachusetts state licensure exam to continue in the program.

Ideal candidates present with an undergraduate major in liberal arts and sciences, or meet the requirements for an interdisciplinary concentration in the liberal arts and sciences, or have a Massachusetts teacher’s certificate.  A GPA of 3.0 or higher is preferred.

Learn more about Simmons University and how to apply.  Be sure to select the licensure program linked with NECC!