CALM® Crisis Intervention Training

CALM is a medically-evaluated physical intervention program developed by NECC focusing on de-escalation and the safety of students and staff. 


CALM is a set of procedures designed to avoid physical confrontation, to de-escalate physical confrontation if avoidance procedures are not effective, and to manage crises in the safest way possible. CALM procedures are not intended to be used as a behavior intervention program or to reduce challenging behaviors. Often times, CALM procedures require some physical contact between a staff and student, for that reason, the procedures are reviewed by doctors and deemed safe when implemented exactly as taught. These procedures were developed and intended to be used with children 5 years of age and older.

There are a number of requirements that must be met in order to become and remain CALM certified. It should be understood that although the CALM procedures are generally effective to maintain a safe environment, it is possible that it may not be effective for every student. In addition, CALM is only effective when it is implemented exactly as taught.

There are different training options available including training staff in the procedures as well as training staff to become CALM trainers (TOT).  CALM trainings are held onsite at NECC and can also be held at your school. 

For more information please contact Megan Cyr,