Our goal is to help as many children with autism as possible gain independence and reach their potential. That means fostering an international community where everyone feels empowered to make a difference, sharing our research on best practices for autism education, and providing access to our web-based autism software curriculum.  

Global demand for highly trained autism educators is at an all-time high and NECC graduates are highly sought after, recruited into top positions around the world.  Our graduate programs, either in special education or applied behavior analysis in collaboration with Simmons College or WNEU – will provide you with a graduate degree coupled with the best hands-on experience around, and you’ll accumulate little to no debt while doing it.

We’re extremely proud that more than 1300 employees have worked full-time while attending our graduate programs.  Many staff stay five years to complete a cross certification in both special education and ABA or stay at NECC to move up the ladder into positions all over New England and around the world, including Abu Dhabi.  Whether teachers continue their career at NECC or move on to start other service programs, we’re know you’ll be successful.

Our online ABAplus training program is accessible to all educators, not just NECC staff, and will provide the foundation you need in using applied behavior analysis in your teaching.  We also provide Onsite Training as well as shorter webinars for BCBAs and other professionals.