On this episode of the NECC Now Podcast,Dave Palmer, Jon Pinkston, Jason Bourret, and Western New England University graduate students continue the discussion of how response classes operate and how we might optimally speak of them. We discuss several examples and flesh out implications. As usual, Dave appears to be correct.

Dave Palmer is a Professor Emeritus at Smith College and WNEU faculty. Dave teaches an advanced verbal behavior course in the WNEU behavior analysis doctoral program and is a world-renowned expert on B.F. Skinner, verbal behavior, and behavior analytic theory.

Jon Pinkston is WNEU faculty. He conducts research with both human and nonhuman subjects asking important questions about fundamental learning processes. His expertise covers extensive ground, including philosophy of science, computer programming, experimental apparatus design, statistics, behavioral pharmacology, response effort, and modifying experimental methodology to allow us to study new dimensions of behavior.

Jason Bourret is the NECC Clinical Director and WNEU faculty. Jason teaches courses in the treatment of severe problem behavior, verbal behavior, and quantitative modeling.