Vincent Strully, Jr.
Vincent Strully, Jr.Founder, President and CEO
John Y. Kim
John Y. Kim Chair of the Board
Lisel Macenka
Lisel Macenka Vice Chair of the Board
James C. Burling, Esq.
James C. Burling, Esq. Director
Governor Michael S. Dukakis
Governor Michael S. Dukakis Director
Marco Farsheed
Marco FarsheedDirector
Neal J. Faulkner
Neal J. Faulkner Director
Katherine E. Foster
Katherine E. FosterDirector
Yie-Hsin Hung
Yie-Hsin HungDirector
Harry M. Hutson, Jr.
Harry M. Hutson, Jr.Director
Elizabeth Wetherbee Klein
Elizabeth Wetherbee KleinDirector
RoseAnn Lovely
RoseAnn Lovely Director
Ben Niedermeyer
Ben NiedermeyerDirector
Rabbi Jonah Pesner
Rabbi Jonah PesnerDirector
Stuart M. Rose, CPA
Stuart M. Rose, CPADirector
 Daniel Saul
Daniel SaulDirector