Consultative Services

We provide consultative services to support students in school/nursery, home-based and center-based programs both alongside or in the absence of a shadow teacher or ABA therapist. We provide services both in English and Arabic to families of any nationality.

Program Evaluation and Development

We provide a full-time BCBA to support your program development and management of centers in Qatar. Program development may include developing IEPs, behaviour management guidelines, on-going monitoring, and supervision. Learn with about our Qatar program with NECC.

An autistic child enjoys playing while receiving developmental and behavioral guidance.

Training and Professional Guidance

We provide lecture and classroom-based shadow-teacher, home-tutor, and RBT training as well as home-based parent training. Our training to schools and centers is based on the individualized needs of the organization (e.g. inclusion strategies, behaviour management, communication, educational development, etc.). We provide ACE® training and ongoing support for professionals/centers using the ACE® ABA Software System, so you can effectively implement the curriculum with your students.  Our CALM P training teaches the verbal de-escalation and safe physical management of students in the safest way possible. CALM P prioritizes the safety of students and staff. Free outreach workshops are available to the public on training topics in behaviour analysis and special needs.

“Making a difference in the lives of children with autism and their families.” – NECC Parent