The New England Center for Children’s GCC Consulting Division®  (NECC–GCC) provides applied behaviour analysis (ABA) and speech consultative services in English and Arabic, with consulting specialists available in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, to countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council.  All services are paid privately, however individuals may enquire with their insurance companies on their own regarding possible reimbursement. The NECC Clinic–Dubai provides session-based direct ABA and speech services in the Dubai Health Care City.


Consultative Services

We provide consultative services to support students in school/nursery, home-based, and center-based programs as well as services to centers in order to help you provide ABA/speech services within your center.

Program Evaluation and Development

We provide a full-time BCBA to support your program development and management of centers in other countries. Program development may include developing IEPs, behaviour management guidelines, on-going monitoring, and supervision.

Training and Professional Guidance

We provide lecture and classroom-based shadow-teacher, home-tutor, and RBT teacher training as well as home-based parent training. Our training to schools and centers is based on the individualized needs of the organization (e.g. inclusion strategies, behaviour management, communication, educational development, etc.). We provide ACE® training and ongoing support for professionals/centers using the ACE® ABA Software System, so you can effectively implement the curriculum with your students.  Our CALM P training teaches the verbal de-escalation and safe physical management of students in the safest way possible. CALM P prioritizes the safety of students and staff. Free outreach workshops are available to the public on training topics in behaviour analysis and special needs.

GCC Overview Sheet

NECC Clinic – Dubai Healthcare City

NECC is pleased to announce the opening of the NECC-Clinic. The NECC-Clinic provides session-based, applied behaviour analysis (ABA), and Speech and Language (SLP) services to clients and their families across all nationalities in both English and Arabic.

Following an Intake Assessment (IA) the NECC-Clinic supervisory team will set forth recommendations for the number of hours of ABA therapy and/or SLP therapy per week, the number of hours of Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) supervision required for successful program development and the location(s) of where the clients ABA sessions would be most beneficial. These components are subject to change, pending client progress or re-evaluation throughout the course of treatment.


  • Clients attend the NECC-Clinic for the recommended number of treatment hours per week. Each ABA program is developed by the supervising BCBA, as implemented by a team of fully trained and supervised Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs).  Speech and language goals are developed and overseen by a certified SLP, with behaviour therapists trained on program implementation in order to successfully embed SLP targets across weekly ABA sessions (where applicable). Quarterly progress report meetings, parent/caregiver training and any scheduled observations will take place at the NECC-Clinic.


  • Clients receive the recommended number of treatment hours per week in their own home. The home-based program will be set by the supervising BCBA, as implemented by a team of fully trained and supervised RBTs. Quarterly progress report meetings will be held at the NECC-Clinic, however, parent/caregiver training and any scheduled observations take place at home during scheduled session times.


  • Clients receive their recommended number of treatment hours per week in their current educational placement. The school-based program is set by the supervising BCBA alongside the client’s educational team and implemented by a school or parent assigned shadow/support teacher where applicable. Session-based ABA hours as provided by NECC RBTs are also available. The supervising BCBA may provide support and guidance directly to the school staff when applicable and alongside, or in the absence of a shadow teacher. Quarterly progress report meetings and/or planned observations may take place at either the NECC-Clinic or at the school.


ABA Intake Assessments (IA) cost 1000 aed (+vat). ABA therapy plus SLP IA’s cost 1400 (+vat). The IA process involves a comprehensive needs assessment, meetings with parents/caregivers, full report and recommendation meeting, as conducted by a BCBA (and SLP where necessary).

ABA and/or SLP sessions cost 400 aed per hour. These are fully inclusive of an NECC highly-trained behavior therapist, frequent on-going BCBA supervision (SLP where necessary), access to the ACE® ABA Software System, all reports and parent meetings and parent/caregiver training embedded. There are no additional hidden costs.


Clinic Overview Sheet
“Making a difference in the lives of children with autism and their families.” – NECC Parent