Consulting and Public School Services

Partner Program Classrooms

The Partner Program is a flexible educational model designed to teach children with autism to reach their full potential. NECC and public school professionals collaborate to provide a comprehensive ABA classroom that integrates best clinical practices and mirrors the structure and support often found only in private school settings.

Consultation Services

Our BCBA® Consultants, work collaboratively with schools to build skills and expertise within your district. Consultants work with teams serving students in a range of placements, from full inclusion to self-contained special education programs. For preschool-aged students through adults, consultants focus on generating effective solutions to improve student progress, reduce challenging behaviors, and increase independence.

Upcoming Trainings

Activity Transitions and Challenging Behavior: Online Live Webinar @ Online
Mar 1 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Presenter: Chata A. Dickson, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LABA 

Abstract: Children with autism are commonly considered to have difficulty transitioning between activities, yet there are surprisingly few published studies related to this problem. An ongoing research program will be discussed, the goals of which are to generate (1) a better understanding of the conditions under which activity transitions are problematic for children with ASDs, and (2) effective treatments for transition-related challenging behavior.  Cost: $40  2 CEs offered  NECC is an approved BACB® Type 2 CE Provider (1 credit per training hour)


  • Massachusetts Region

    Serving schools in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, northeastern Connecticut.

  • New Hampshire Region

    Serving schools in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

  • New York Region

    Serving schools in the tri-state area including New York City, New Jersey, and southern Connecticut.

  • Global

    Serving countries all over the world