45 Stories of Inspiration: Renée Mansfield

Renée Mansfield was the heartbeat behind the ACE® ABA Software System’s launch. An extraordinary innovator, Mansfield’s leadership as the Executive Director of the department was instrumental in bringing the software to market and establishing it as the leader in autism education software. Mansfield passed away in the fall of 2018 after a hard-fought battle with cancer. To honor her, the beautiful garden space in the John and Diane Kim Autism Institute was named after her.

“Renèe is present in the ACE® software,” said NECC Founder and CEO Vinnie Strully about Mansfield’s impact on the development of the ACE®. “The design of the ACE® – its curriculum and code- reflects her great intelligence, her elegance, her strategic thinking, and her ability to put together a team of people to deal effectively with a very complex task. Renèe led the creation of something really important that will help thousands of children for years to come.”