45 Stories of Inspiration: Judy Cunniff-Serio

Before The New England Center for Children was a global leader in autism education, it was operating on the grounds of the Taunton State Hospital under a different name: the Efficacy Research Institute (ERI). Judy Cunniff-Serio is one of the few current NECC employees who began her career while the Center was still known as ERI. Over the course of her 40-year career with the Center, she has seen NECC grow and expand while serving numerous roles. Judy was originally a teacher with ERI, before later becoming the Director of Administration at NECC’s Southborough campus. In 2016, she moved to Abu Dhabi to become the Chief Operating Officer of the Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Special Education operated by NECC. Judy’s wide-ranging background and training, including both a Master’s degree in Special Education and a Master’s in Business Administration, have made her one of the most dynamic and important pieces to NECC’s growth.