45 Stories of Inspiration: Dr. Toppelberg

Dr. Toppelberg is a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and director of continuing education at Judge Baker Children’s Center. In addition, he has been our Psychiatrist-in-Chief since 2006. Dr. Toppelberg’s research in child/adolescent psychopathology focuses on the relations of language, neurocognitive and emotional/behavioral development, which allows him to provide the highest quality of treatment to our students. He is an expert in neurodevelopmental disabilities, as well as learning and language disabilities. He has broad experience as a physician and psychopharmacologist which has led to a cautious science-based approach to medications. He collaborates with and deeply values the views of parents, NECC clinical team, and NECC medical team. We are lucky to have his expertise and guidance.