45 Stories of Inspiration: Cathy Welch

Cathy Welch has been at NECC for over 35 years. Over the years, Cathy has served NECC in a variety of roles. As a teacher, Director of Admissions, spending three years in MRC-NECC, to now as our Executive Director of Southborough, Cathy’s leadership has shaped our mission and vision and has influenced the way we educate children with autism. She is respected by parents, staff, teachers, and loved by the many students that she has touched throughout her time at NECC.”Cathy is a pillar of NECC. We would not be where we are in the way we work with families and students, if it wasn’t for Cathy’s guidance and drive to make NECC the best place it can be for children with autism,” shares Founder and CEO, Vinnie Strully.