45 Stories of Inspiration: Board of Directors

Under the leadership of NECC’s Board of Directors, the Center has continuously expanded and improved the scope of its services. The Board is comprised of leaders in their professions, each with a diverse set of skills and attributes. Throughout the decades, the Board has been instrumental in growing our network, increasing our visibility, and providing industry perspective in government relations, law, finance, marketing, education, technology, and health and human services.  

Current Board members include, John Y. Kim, Lisel Macenka, James C. Burling, Governor Michael S. Dukakis, Marco Farsheed, Neal J. Faulkner, Katherine E. Foster, Yie-Hsin Hung, Harry M. Hutson, Jr., Elizabeth Wetherbee Klein, RoseAnn Lovely, Ben Niedermeyer, Rabbi Jonah Pesner, Stuart M. Rose, CPA, Daniel Saul, and Founder and CEO of NECC, Vinnie Strully.