2019 Simmons University Poster Session at NECC

The annual Simmons University and NECC Summer Poster Session was held on Thursday, July 11, in the John and Diane Kim Autism Institute at The New England Center for Children.  Simmons graduate students who are also employees of NECC take a two-semester research course series, which culminates at the poster session where they present their thesis and research results.

NECC is proud of the graduate student poster presenters, all of their work, and their contributions to ongoing research in autism. Two posters were awarded honors at the session:

  1. An Evaluation of a Competing Stimulus Assessment – Shannon Egan (Advised by Jessica Sassi)
  2. Competing Stimuli Assessments Using Re-presenting and Blocking – Justin McGrath and Emily Randrup (Advised by Jessica Sassi)

Congratulations to the Simmons graduate students and thank you to all the guest judges: Dean Stephanie Berzin- Simmons University, Kristin Nelson- Simmons University, Magda Stropnik – NECC Program Director, Julie Weiss -NECC Program Director, Kristen Sidman – NECC Program Director, Jackie MacDonald- Regis College, Diana Parry-Cruwys- Regis College, Stacy Edinburg – NECC Program Director, and Amy Geckeler – NECC Program Director.

Lastly, a huge thank you goes to the instructors of the Simmons University Research 1 and Research 2 courses – Allen Karsina, Jessica Seaver, and Jon Seaver.

NECC staff can apply to earn their master’s degree in special education in partnership with Simmons University at little to no cost.  The program has graduated more than 1,000 master’s level teaching staff since its inception.

A photo gallery of all Poster Session participants is below.