Sharing in Print

One of the best ways for NECC to share research findings is through the many scientific publications that cover the field of autism and related disorders. For example, summaries of studies conducted by our staff members, as well as those that were completed through collaborative efforts with other research centers and individual scientists, have appeared in periodicals such as the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis and Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

Upcoming Publications

The following are research articles written by NECC staff to be published in upcoming publications.

Ahearn, W.H., Parry-Cruwys, D., Toran, T., & MacDonald, J. (in press). Stimulus salience in autism: A social learning disorder. In F. DiGennaro Reed (Ed.), "Bridging the Gap between Science and Practice in Autism Service Delivery." New York: Springer.

Caetano, M.S., Guilhardi, P., & Church, R.M. (in press). Stimulus control in multiple temporal discriminations. Learning & Behavior.

MacDonald, R.P.F., Dickson, C.A., Martineau, M., & Ahearn, W.H. (in press). Prerequisite skills for learning through video modeling. Education and Treatment of Children. 

MacDonald, R., Parry-Cruwys, D., Dupere, S., & Ahearn, W. H. (in press).  Assessing progress and outcome of early intensive behavioral intervention for toddlers with autism.  Research in Developmental Disabilities.

Potter, J.N., Augustine, M., Clay, C.J., Phelps, M.C., & Hanley, G.P., (in press). Treating stereotypy in adolescents diagnosed with autism by refining the tactic of "using stereotypy as reinforcement." Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

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Research Newsletter

Through this newsletter we hope to let readers know about some of the research being conducted at NECC.  We also include updates on scientific research on autism and other developmental disorders that is being conducted elsewhere.