Governor Michael S. Dukakis

   John Kim

   Campaign Co-Chairs


   With your help we can make the

   Student Center the best that

   it can be!



It was only two years ago that we announced the launch of a $10 million dollar campaign to build the Autism Institute and Student Center, our most ambitious campaign ever.

It is with great excitement that we are able to share with you the remarkable news that we have achieved $10,000,000 in pledges and donations for the Autism Institute and Student Center for The New England Center for Children! 

Hitting this milestone of funds raised allows our vision to become a reality sooner to the benefit of our students.  Construction will begin in the spring on the new 30,000 square foot Autism Institute.

However, it does not mean we have any intentions of stopping. 

From the start, our goal was to improve the quality of educational and learning opportunities available to our students.  Now the challenge becomes making the Student Center the absolute best that it can be.

There are many people who still want to become part of this exciting Campaign and have an impact on our children today and tomorrow. The last thing we want is for someone to say they weren't asked to participate in this monumental project.   We're asking you now -- please contact us to find out how you can help.   Feel free to contact RoseAnn Lovely or Joe Ziska