Recent Publications by Staff

NECC staff were authors on two articles published in a recent professional journal.

Congratulations to Jason Bourret (Assistant Director of Organizational Behavior Management) and Nick Vanselow (former NECC staff). These researchers were authors on an article published in the most recent volume of Behavior Analysis in Practice, "Online Interactive Tutorials for Creating Graphs with Excel 2007 or 2010 (pp. 40-46)."

Congratulations also go to Catia Cividini-Motta (Program Specialist), Maeve Donnelly (Program Specialist), Kelly McConnell (Program Specialist), Kylie Roberts (Program Specialist), and Berglind Sveinbjornsdottir (Day Coordinator). They are authors on an article in the same issue of Behavior Analysis in Practice, "A Review of Behavioral Foundations of Effective Autism Treatment (pp. 47-52)" with fellow authors and former staff members, Meca Andrade, Kerry Conde, Corey Stocco, and Nick Vanselow, as well as Amanda Karsten of Western New England University.