NECC presents at China Autism Conferences

Vinnie Strully, CEO and Founder, Dr.Becky MacDonald, Program Director, and Dr. Rick Graff, Clinical Director participated in two Autism conferences in China.

In early November, Vinnie Strully, Becky MacDonald and Rick Graff participated in two Autism conferences in China at the invitation of the SEEK Education program. The first conference was held in Beijing, titled "2012 Beijing ABA International Seminar". The attendees included political authorities, university professors, professionals in the field and parents. The focus of this conference was to inform the audience about autism services using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. The other presenters were well known scientists within the American behavioral community. The second conference was held in Shenzhen, a province in southern China. The conference was "Treatment and Education of Autism: The evidence based science, application and standard". The audience was similar to the Beijing conference. There are very few behavioral services for children with autism in China. Parents and clinicians are eager to learn more and were very responsive to each of the talks. In addition to the conference presentations they visited several schools for children with autism and met with professors at a University in Taiwan that provides training for behavioral clinicians. The mission of the conferences sponsors was to increase behavioral services to children with autism in China.