ABA Model Classrooms

Partner Program Model ClassroomsDeveloped in collaboration with public school administrators, the Partner Program classroom model was developed in 1997 with the goal of bringing high-quality intensive ABA services to the public schools.  This model focuses on working with public schools to develop a comprehensive ABA classroom that meets the standards of best clinical practices, and mirrors the structure and support often found only in private school settings.  In addition to providing high-quality educational services, Partner Program classrooms allow students to be successfully included in their neighborhood schools while also building the skill set of public school staff.

The Partner Program model includes the following components:

  • A flexible educational model designed to teach children with autism to reach their full potential
  • A full-time NECC master's level certified teacher based in the public school
  • Weekly clinical supervision from an experienced Board Certified Behavior Analyst®
  • Access to NECC's Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia (ACE)
  • Ongoing mentorship and training for all direct care staff
  • Collaboration across all areas of student programming including inclusion in general education classrooms, skill acquisition programming, behavior reduction programming, and parent training

Over the past 14 years, Partner Program classrooms have expanded to serve over 240 students in 16 districts in New England.  Our data shows that over 86% of students enrolled in Partner Program classrooms are able to remain in their public schools.  Students enrolled in Partner Program classrooms are highly successful; within the last year, students have made progress or met over 95% of their IEP objectives.

Partner Program classrooms empower districts to effectively serve students with autism in their communities, while building capacity and decreasing the costs associated with litigation and out-of-district placements.

"I have been impressed with the professionalism and expertise of the NECC personnel.  They have done a wonderful job teaming with our classroom teachers to maximize the potential inclusion opportunities for the students.  Also, they have done an exceptional job educating the parents and keeping them well informed regarding the progress of their child.  The program has been a welcomed addition to our building."
-Public School Principal

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