Public School Services for Students with Autism

"Our school district has obtained a range of services from NECC over the years. Some of these were short term while others were more long term. In every instance the level of programming and services provided were of the very highest quality. The knowledge, understanding, skillfullness, resourcefulness, and professionalism of staff, including clinical directors and head classroom teachers, are both awe inspiring as well as incredibly effective at helping students with the most severe needs. NECC has made a significant difference in the lives of our students and their families. Working with NECC has also helped us to increase the district's internal capacity to meet the needs of a very complex population of students. NECC's focus on quality personnel and programming, along with its emphasis on evidence or scientific-based practices, provides a firm foundation for decision making and teaching both in school and at home."

-Public School Special Education Director

The goal of the Public School Services Department is to share NECC's knowledge and expertise in the field of autism education with educators, paraprofessionals, and administrators in public schools. By connecting with public school staff through our model classrooms, consultation services and trainings, Public School Services helps schools and districts build capacity and serve a wide range of students.

The Public School Services Department works with over 40 school districts and agencies across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and New York, impacting the education of over 800 children.

Our consultants include over twenty master's or PhD-level Certified Behavior Analysts®, all with significant years of experience in supervising staff, designing programming and overseeing the education of students with autism. Many consultants are also certified special educators.

Whether consulting with educators, training paraprofessionals or brainstorming with other BCBAs®, the staff in the Public School Services Department aims at building collaborative relationships with public schools, responding quickly and reliably to their needs and helping them develop creative and effective solutions.

For additional information regarding any of our consultation and related services contact us at 508-481-1015 or e-mail